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Invest PME

Invest PME
Invest PME

Invest PME is a fund manager that has been serving companies in the Burgundy/Franche-Comté region for the past 20 years.

It is 51% owned by Siparex Group and 49 % by CIBFC, a regional holding company whose shareholders are the principal economic agents in the Burgundy/Franche-Comté region. It also co-manages the interregional seed capital fund Cap Innov’Est in partnership with Capital Grand Est.

Backed by an experienced investment team, Invest PME, based in Dijon and Besançon, is the leader in its field in Burgundy/Franche-Comté, having invested in a hundred regional intermediate-sized companies over the course of 20 years.

Invest PME helps regional intermediate-sized companies grow by providing capital at all stages of their existence:

  • Seed funding
  • Start-up capital
  • Growth capital
  • Buyout financing
  • Redeployment capital

In addition to supplying funds, Invest PME provides investee companies with strategic decision-making assistance concerning internal growth, acquisitions, cross-border expansion, the digital transformation, and transfers of ownership.